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10 Braided Hairstyles to Try at the Beach This Summer

Here’s a cool ‘n’ casual way to keep your hair off your face while keeping all eyes on you



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20 DIY Soap Recipes

DIY soap is amazing because its natural and there are no harmful components and the natural aromas are so delicious! It’s also a fantastic gift for any holiday, just find out what aromas and components will suit best.

Microwave made soap is simple, it’s crafted using a ready soap base – it won’t take much time and doesn’t require crafting skills. Glycerin soap can be also easily made and you may add any components you like – herbs, coffee beans, dried flowers or fruit zest. Blackberry, lavender, honey, beer – choose any taste you love. Cold process soap is cool for beginners. Not let’s see what gift soap ideas there are. Transparent funny soap, soap pops, LEGO soap are ideal for kids. For the winter holidays make snowflake soap and make someone happy with it! Vintage pictures soap and soap with money inside is also cool as a gift. Look for more inspiring ideas below!


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6 Butt-Boosting moves

Everybody knows that Plum’s b-side is a masterpiece, so I think it’s time to stop dreaming and move my ass ! Do you want your butt to look good in a Bikini this summer?
 Try one or all of these expert butt-boosting moves a few times a week..


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Once in a week, I’ll post my favorite works. So here we go with this first week!

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10 Low Calorie Snacks You’ll Actually Love


People who ate a snack equal to 195 calories felt just as satisfied as those who’d consumed 1370 cals! Registered nutritionist Keri Glassman, author of The New You and Improved Diet, dishes up delish, good-for-you nibbles.


Skip the buttery calorie bomb, and opt for a fresher, healthier version. Pop 2 tablespoons of kernels, then drizzle with 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon sea salt. Mix well to coat.

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17 swimsuit you’ll want to wear
Summer, we’re so ready for you <3
Beach by mendaciasuicide on polyvore.com
Popular online stores this year! #1

As you may know there are thousands and thousands of online stores where you can get the clothes you want without even moving your ass from bed or chair.

So here we bring you some of the most popular this year that are appearing in every social network and even famous people are wearing the gear they sell.

Just take a look at some of them:



O-Mighty is a brand full of colors & phenomenal designs! Based in 45 HAJI LANE SINGAPORE and shipping worldwide they provide you with the best gear you can get!

Follow their Facebook Group to be a part of the newest shit coming!


imageimage image



MYVL describe themselves as “A unique clothing line developed and Made in Los Angeles. Inspired by whatever’s clever and Cut & Sewed for all you non basic bitches.”

They are rocking hard this summer!

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2013 make-up trends!

Let’s talk about this years make-up styles that are in!

  • 1st -Natural basic eye make-up with a little bit of peach blush and all the attention on power of the lips!

The colors that are IN this year are reds, pinks, oranges & all hot colors.

Don’t be scared, try it out and stand out from the rest!!!


  • 2nd - Them eyebrows!!! 

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Healthy Time!

Hello Hello there!

When it’s too hot the last thing you want to chug down is a sugary beverage. Right? even sport drinks sometimes are not so good.

So what i have here? A lot of you probably already know that the most refreshing with not a lot of flavor and really cleansing is Cucumber water! Yes, exactly, this is probably the simplest drink you can make a feel amazing after chug a cup or more down.

So you ask, what is so good about cucumber?


Here are 10 Benefits of cucumbers:

1.Quick pick me-up - Cucumbers are a good source of B vitamins. Put down your sodas and coffee and eat a cucumber slice.

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